Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hope for Peace in the Middle East


Chasing Wind Mills, Why Not? said...

Thank You! This is wonderful! What a message, we hope the world hears this. I hope the Chief of Staff in the White House is on his knees as we all should be. Symbols are the revolution they point to the truth, these wonderful creations, these beautiful women point to and are the TRUTH.
Blessings and love and peace,
ko shin, Bob Hanson
Chasing Wind Mills, Why Not? Blog

DQPoetry said...

Great images, I love the symbolism and thought behind them both!

I enjoyed them so much I used the first one to illustrate a poem on my blog about what I saw as a personification of Hope.

You can see it here:

Hope you don't mind!

Philip Metres said...

Thanks DQ, and I'm glad that it brought you to new words!

DQPoetry said...

That image is so great I've used it to illustrate another poem:

How is it possible to Rest in Peace,
When your home is the tumultuous Middle East?

Suicide bombings, jet and missile attacks,
It’s not the courage of the civilians that lacks.

It’s the leaders who fear the loss of power,
If they were to say "This is the hour,

To hang up guns, and work for peace,
Aggravation and settlement building must cease".

But why is this so when most would agree,
They would rather their lives were war-free.

Peace, sustenance, an education,
A house and land, a fulfilling vocation,

Water and food, a future for their kids,
Really, what more does anyone want that this?