Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is the Film My Library Wouldn't Show/"Searching For Peace in the Middle East"

This is the Film My Library Wouldn't Show/"Searching For Peace in the Middle East": the title pretty much says it all. Watch it, and tell me whether you think it is unbalanced, unfair, etc.


Anonymous said...

It is beyond comprehension how a library, a place which reverences learning, would not show this beautiful and balanced film. The film respects both sides. It honors "parity of esteem," that concept which says that each side must learn the pain and fear of the other. What is more important than that message?

Also, even if the film was tilted, isn't it the mission of libraries and schools to present everything, then to teach context and history, so thinking can prevail?

I am sorry that a library would not show this film. It might not deserve the honored and venerable title of "library."

Just some thoughts.

Peace, Joseph Ross, Washington, D.C.

Philip Metres said...

Thanks, Joe, I completely agree with you. We should all write them a letter to tell them not to be cowed from potentially controversial, yet vital issues of our day.

Anonymous said...

You've said it all.
I can't add anything but thanks.

Here's a video on holding officeholders accountable for supporting genocide:


Joan Lowenstein; and Zionist Swine.

This video is also on Google Video, at:


Philip Metres said...

Anonymous, you do your cause a tremendous disservice by calling anyone a "swine" or a "dog." You might hate her views, and want to argue why they might be bad for the public--that's completely legitimate--but once you start attacking her with names, you lose the force of argument. Whenever we start reducing people to bestial epithets, we reduce ourselves. And legitimate our own bestial treatment of others. It's a poor rhetorical tactic, and a poor way of approaching dissent.

Anonymous said...


Let's hope some volunteers will step up, with sweeter language, to make an audible case for boycotting the obviously apartheid state of Israel, before Gaza looks like the Warsaw Ghetto, circa 1943.

Not just audible, not just visible, but active demands for boycott, at issue in every campus newspaper, before Gaza is gone.