Saturday, March 8, 2008

"The Gaza Bombshell"/The Bush Administration's Bay of Pigs

My daughter Leila has vomited about twenty times in the past forty-eight hours, we're in the middle of a Cleveland blizzard, but I have to send off this link (sent to me by the Jewish Voice for Peace) to a Vanity Fair piece detailing the Bush Administration's attempt to foment civil war among the Palestinians in Gaza.

I'd be reading pieces like it from Ali Abunimah for a number of months, but I was mostly aghast that he seemed to be taking a stridently pro-Hamas standpoint, given his secular political point-of-view, so I couldn't completely take in all the information.

In a way, it shouldn't be surprising that the Bush's Administration is getting its hands dirty in the Israel/Palestine conflict, but funding and arming a Palestinian warlord (who is using torture to attempt to wrest control from Hamas) is either flagrantly naive about its potential consequences, or just another attempt to end any hope for a Palestinian state, and thus any hope for ending the conflict.

In the words of the JVP newsletter:
As long as the United States continues to support Israel's decades-long practice of illegally appropriating land, destroying homes, and using disproportionate force--a policy which has proven to be both morally bankrupt and self-destructive for Israel--neither Palestinians nor Israelis will ever know peace.

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