Sunday, January 13, 2008

What does this noise have to do with revolution?/When the Sandinistas Heard "Sandinista"

When my brother was in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, he befriended a family in his village (El Jicaral) that he lovingly called "the Sandinistas" for their partisan love of the revolution, Daniel Ortega, etc. I got a chance to meet them a couple years ago when visiting my brother, and was treated to Coca Cola (?!) and crackers. Inspired, I sent Dave a copy of "Sandinista" by The Clash, which he promptly brought over for the family. The father's reply: "What does this noise have to do with revolution?" Here's "Washington Bullets" (about U.S. and C.I.A. involvement in Chile and the Nicaraguan revolution), "Koka-Kola," (from "London Calling"), "Somebody Got Murdered," and an interview with Tom Snyder, in which the Clash call themselves a "news-giving" band.

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