Sunday, January 27, 2008

Student Poetry Reading November 27, 2007 at John Carroll

On November 27th, 2007, students from my EN401 class delivered a poetry reading in Rodman Hall at John Carroll University.

One promotional account of the event, written by Tammy Layton, went like this: "You'll laugh; you'll cry. You may wonder what the hell the poems mean--but you won't be bored. Topics not limited to: Polish sausages; family; death; sex; SoCal culture; friends; desire; war and peace; homelessness; art; Tremont; dead ends; and vaginas." It was, of course, so much more.

Pictured (left-right): Betsy Coleman, Katie Arthurs, Brendan McLaughlin, Jess Morris, Meredith Snow, Marygrace Hemme, Philip Metres, A.J. Dibbin, Christina Pottmeyer, Daniel Garbes, Katie Sedon, Heather Cigoi, Tammy Layton, Joe McNair, and John Filkorn.

Dr. Philip Metres, introducing the event.

Katie Sedon, talking Miro and pyromania.

A.J. Dibbin, pondering art and its narcissitudes.

Tammy Layton, shout-outs to Tremont, Huck Finn, and No-na.

John Filkorn, looking for America in tourist traps.

Jessica Morris, waiting on a friend and red sweater elegizing.

Joe McNair, working through his own stations of the cross.

Meredith Snow, dissin' Christmas and praising arm hair.

Brendan McLaughlin, preaching Labre project and homeless adventurers.

Katie Arthurs, protesting cigarettes and other public nuisances.

Daniel Garbes, trying to find himself at the bottom of a shower.

Christina Pottmeyer, drawing word portraits of family.

Heather Cigoi, drawing Hopper-esque landscapes of loss.


Thanks to everyone who came! Dr. Metres

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