Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jenny Holzer's "Projections"

Check out one of Holzer's "projection" poems (by Wislawa Szymborska) in action. Writing as ephemeral light sculpture. Reading poetry as art viewing.


j.henry said...

i love this work, glad to see it featured here. holzer's work is phenomenal & the video link'd is great.. .

O-hi! -- we've never met but i once assembled yr flipbook a few sundays last year when i lived in brooklyn & took luxurious sunday-trips out to red hook.

anyhow, got yr post to listserv today & wanted to drop note, thinking this reviewing work you do wonderful even in this supersaturated state. happy always to cruise thru site & backlog.

keep on!

j.h c

Philip Metres said...

J. Henry,

thanks for checking in--and for your kind words...and helping with INSTANTS!--I loved how that turned out.... I find this Holzer stuff to be fascinating...