Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"From Reznikoff to Public Enemy"/A Poetry Foundation Podcast about Documentary Poetry

Folks, here's the podcast for "From Reznikoff to Public Enemy," now called "From Charles Reznikoff to Chuck D" (though it should probably be called "to Flava Flav," since I do a reading of "911 is a Joke"). Thanks to Curtis Fox for making me sound like I know what I'm talking about. Ah, the miracles of editing.

As for the article itself, you can find it here.

Please do send me other examples, if you have them, your or others' poetry, as I'm always intrigued by bringing "the news" and the historical into dialogue with the poetic...


Chaerephon said...

Goin' on an' on - leave alone the grown
Get it straight in '88, an' Phil'll troop it to demonstrate
The posse always ready - 98 at 98
His posse come quick, because his posse got velocity
Tappin' his phone, they never leave him alone
He's even lethal when he's unarmed
'Cause Phil's louder than a bomb

Philip Metres said...

You my Flav anyday.
Speakin' of, can't help but feel a little bad for the mess of his life, when back in the day he was comic & relevant.

Chaerephon said...

Are you complaining that Flavor Flav has become a caricature? ;-) No, I know what you mean. His comic-foil persona was once an integral part of the art, now it's just sideshow freakiness.

Amusingly, I was looking for lyrics to quote and happened upon this typo-ridden rendering of "Bring the Noise:" "Once again, back is the incredible / The thyme animal..." LOL!