Friday, February 8, 2008

Barack Obama and Hope

There is nothing false about hope. Yes, I can (and will) be in eternal opposition to our lamentable sadly bipartisan foreign policies in the Middle East (particularly in Israel/Palestine), and fear that even a Barack Obama presidency won't change enough.

But there is an elixir to hope, there is a beauty to believing that we are not destined to be who we have been (our shadow selves) or act the way it seems we are destined to act (our shadow selves). May there be some hope that greases some gears of change, and hope that mucks up the gears that have ground down the hopes of peoples at home and throughout the world.

Thanks to Chris Kempf for sending this along.


Anonymous said...

This is just a great video. I was reading some comments on it somewhere and one person said "Yeah, Obama should win a Grammy but that doesn't mean he should be President."

Hillary Clinton said, of the video, "You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose."

I don't though. More and more, I feel myself drawn toward the Obandwagon.


Philip Metres said...

Great video indeed. It is rousing in all the right ways. There is something to be said for rhetoric itself, regardless of Plato's objections. As for whether Obama would be any "better" than Clinton, it's not entirely clear. Anyway, I tend to Zen and Zinn the presidential politics--which means, try not to worry so much about it, since whoever is in office I'm going to want to push against anyway. Thanks, Howard Zinn, for keeping it real.