Monday, February 25, 2008

Anyone Who Wears Other Nations' Dress Can Be My President


RazRocks said...

Hahaha, I saw this. I was watching Meet the Press, and I am sure you are aware that Hillary Clinton accused Obama of plagiarizing one of his speeches. They showed clips of Hilary talking about how her problems are not as bad as other peoples, and it turns out her husband Bill said it years before while he was campaigning. The point I am making is that politicians borrow quotes from each other all the time. For example FDR, in some of his most famous speeches, took quotes from Abe Lincoln and Andrew Jackson! I usually side with conservatives when it comes to politics, but I definitely like Obama more and more.


Charlie said...

Is it unpatriotic to appreciate another culture, especially one that informs one's heritage?

I cannot wait for the primaries, I mean the election to be over.