Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Gray Matters"/Writing Beyond What We Know

Here's a little piece from Cleveland Magazine, called "Gray Matters," which highlights some of my work on documentary poetry. Documentary poetry, as concept and practice, is something that I keep returning to, partly because I've always been interested both in narrative voicings and in multivocality. The notion that invites us to include other voices in our work, other stories, has been one that relieves me from the monologic pressures of the lyric impulse, where the self is emperor and the fiefdom is La Mancha of the mind (yes, I'm reading Don Quixote right now). Thanks to Andy Netzel for his interest in the project and the book. n.b. The poem quoted is actually called, "Stopping By Krispy Kreme."


Christopher Kempf said...

That link doesn't work for me, and probably not for others.

The pic, however, is, as they say, badass.

Philip Metres said...

Should be back online now (the whole site was down). Thanks--that guy was a great photographer.