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Announcing Jacket 35

The tireless John Tranter and Pam Brown produce another iteration of Jacket. Amazing journal, really thorough reviews, essays, poems. You can find my piece on The Butterfly's Burden by Mahmoud Darwish, as well as a review of To See the Earth, in this one.

Announcing Jacket 35 -- Early 2008


Editor: John Tranter - Associate Editor: Pam Brown

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Fresh news items, updated as the whim takes us

“There are only 10 kinds of computer programmers:
those who know binary and those who don’t.”

======================= Feature: Omar Pérez

Kristin Dykstra: On Omar Pérez, b. Havana, 1964

Cuban poet Omar Pérez in conversation with Kent Johnson, 2007

Kristin Dykstra: Gossiping Cuba: Omar Pérez and the Name of the Father

Omar Pérez: Eight poems from the manuscript «Lingua Franca» translated by Kristin Dykstra

Omar Pérez: Selections from «Heard about the fighting cat?» (Poems 1994–1998), translated by Kristin Dykstra

Omar Pérez and Kristin Dykstra: Germanía / Germaniadified (detranslations), a poem in English and Spanish.

Omar Pérez: Bibliography and Links to English-Language Internet Resources

======================= Feature: Sarajevo

Kent Johnson: The Fountain Where One’s Name Is Changed: Notes from the Sarajevo Poetry Days Conference, May 2007 [25 pages]

======================= Articles: 200 pages

Robert Bond: Babylon Afterburn: Adventures in Iain Sinclair’s «The Firewall» [30 pages]

On the Taipei avant-garde: Is This the End of «Poetry Now»? An essay by Steve Bradbury, with seventeen poems and an audio file [17 pages]

John Cunningham: Dance of Words: The poetry of John Newlove [4 pages]

Alan Davies: To Call Them by Their Dead Name (on Emanuel Carnevali) [21 pages]

Lawrence Giffin: Political Topology in Contemporary North American Poetry: Rod Smith’s «Deed» [20 pages]

Rod Smith: «Deed», reviewed by Matthew M. Gagnon [6 pages]

Michael Gottlieb: «Jobs of the Poets» [15 pages]

John Hennessy: Poetry’s Share: Don Share — Established Editor, Emerging Poet [9 pages]

Jason Morris: The Time Between Time: Messianism & the Promise of a “New Sincerity” [20 pages]

Nate Pritts: my memory is the history of time: Towards a Theory of Time in Olson [5 pages]

Susan M. Schultz: Dementia Blog (January 2007-December 2006) [15 pages]

Rebecca A Smith: Barry MacSweeney and the Bunting Influence: ‘A key figure in his literary universe’? [32 pages]

Jason Stumpf: Essay: Of Lyric Poetry [2 pages, but very pungent]

======================= Poems

Two Russian Poets, translated by Peter Golub: Eugenia Ritz and Andrei Sen-Senkov

Tom Clark: Seven poems

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 88: X-Posting

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 89: Interrogation

Liam Ferney: Cl

Angela Gardner: Three poems: Now that I am in Madrid and can think / Fade / when I leave the clouds

Barbara Henning: Five stories

Christopher (Kit) Kelen: Four poems after the Tang poet, Meng Jiao

Amy King: Four poems: The Arm of Eden / Where Bullfinches Go to Defy / Two if by Land, I Do / A Martyrdom Should Behave Us All

John Kinsella: Four poems: Graphology 676 (December 2007) / Graphology 688 / Graphology 698 / Graphology 699: Baudelaire

Ron Koertge: Three ghazals: Around the bush; Drinks; Gizmo

Federico Garcia Lorca: Two poems, translated by Gilbert Wesley Purdy: Gacela del Amor Imprevisto, and Casida de los Ramos

Gregory O’Brien: Wet Jacket Arm

Peter Robinson: Two poems: Graffiti Service / At the Institute

Tracy Ryan: Watching Brel

Lisa Samuels: Three poems: This bus kneels on request; Art’s fire sale; True likeness

Mitch Sisskind: Like A Monkey

William Stobb: Four poems: In a Mountain Pasture; Some Purple; Release; In/and

Matthew Tierney: Two poems: Batt & Roll; Perpetual Motion Machine

Kirsten Tranter: en route

Roger Van Voorhees: The Red Rolodex

Ouyang Yu: Two poems, translated by John Kinsella

======================= Interviews: 175 pages

Paris, 1968: Structuralism and linguistics: Émile Benveniste in conversation with Pierre Daix, 1968, translated by Matt Reeck [18 pages]

‘Come to Think of It, the Imagination’:
British poet Roy Fisher in Conversation with John Kerrigan [30 pages]

US poets Robert Grenier and Charles Bernstein: A Conversation, illustrated [76 pages]

Cuban poet José Kozer in conversation with Nicolás Mansito III, 28 December 2007 [17 pages]

Inventing Bablyon: Dmitry Kuzmin in conversation with Peter Golub on contemporary movements in Russian poetry [12 pages]

British poet Peter Riley in conversation with Todd Nathan Thorpe [21 pages]

======================= Reviews

Various authors: «The Grand Piano Project : Part 4:» San Francisco, 1975–80, reviewed by James Sherry

Fictitions: reviewed by Micaela Morrissette: Jesse Ball: «Samedi the Deafness»; Jenny Erpenbeck: «The Book of Words»; Daniel Grandbois: «Unlucky Lucky Days»; Joyelle McSweeney: «Flet»; Yannick Murphy: «Signed, Mata Hari»; Cees Nooteboom: «Lost Paradise»; Alice Sebold: «The Almost Moon»; T.H. White: «The Goshawk»; all reviewed by Micaela Morrissette

Rae Armantrout: «Next Life», reviewed by Kristina Marie Darling

Michael Ayres: «Kinetic» reviewed by Alistair Noon

Rachel Tzvia Back: «On Ruins and Return» reviewed by Andrew Mossin

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: «Torques: Drafts 58—76», reviewed by Patrick F. Durgin

Stephen Burt: «Parallel Play: Poems», reviewed by Michael Aiken

Mahmoud Darwish: «The Butterfly’s Burden», reviewed by Philip Metres

Angela Gardner: «Parts of Speech», reviewed by Pam Brown

Johannes Göransson: «A New Quarantine Will Take My Place», reviewed by Sean Kilpatrick

Noah Eli Gordon: «A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow», reviewed by Andrew Grace

Arpine Konyalian Grenier: «Part, Part Euphrates», reviewed by Celia Lisset Alvarez

Anthony Hawley: »The Concerto Form», reviewed by Andrew Rippeon

Cath Kenneally: «Ci Vediamo», reviewed by Michael Aiken

Jennifer L. Knox: «Drunk By Noon», reviewed by John Findura

Ruth Lepson and Walter Crump: «Morphology», reviewed by John Mercuri Dooley

Lewis MacAdams: «The River: Books One, Two, and Three», reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

Duncan McNaughton: «Bounce», a note by Robert Grenier

Paul Metcalf: «Collected Works», reviewed by David McCooey.

Philip Metres: «To See the Earth», reviewed by Christopher Kempf

Stephen Paul Miller: «Being with a Bullet» reviewed by Thomas Fink

Maggie Nelson: «Women, the New York School, and Other True Abstractions», reviewed by Andrew Epstein

«OCHO» # 14, guest ed. Nick Piombino, reviewed by Nicholas Manning

«OCHO» # 15, ed. Francisco Aragón, reviewed by Craig Santos Perez

George Oppen: «Selected Prose, Daybooks, and Papers» Edited and with an Introduction by Stephen Cope; reviewed by Michael Heller: “Towards the Incomplete Work: A Note on Oppen’s «Daybooks»”

Ted Pelton: «Malcolm & Jack: and other famous American criminals», reviewed by Matthew Hotham

Claudia Rankine and Lisa Sewell, Eds., «American Poets in the Twenty-first Century: The New Poetics», reviewed by Andrew Browne

Sarah Riggs: «Waterwork», and «chain of minuscule decisions in the form of a feeling», reviewed by Tim Wright

Adrienne Rich: «Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth», reviewed by Jill M. Neziri

Peter Robinson: «The Look of Goodbye: Poems 2001—2006» reviewed by Ben Hickman

Leonard Schwartz: «Ear and Ethos», reviewed by Christine Pagnoulle

Louis Zukofsky

Mark Scroggins: «The Poem of A Life: A Biography of Louis Zukofksy», reviewed by Nicholas Manning

Jeffrey Side: «Carrier of The Seed» reviewed by Pam Brown

Dale Smith: «Susquehanna», reviewed by David Hadbawnik

Jordan Stempleman: «Facings», reviewed by Adam Fieled

Keston Sutherland: «Hot White Andy», reviewed by John Wilkinson: Mandarin Ducks and Chee-chee Chokes

Eileen Tabios: «I Take Thee, English, for My Beloved», reviewed by Anny Ballardini

======================= The Dusie Kollektiv Chapbook Series

Susana Gardner: Preface: Some of the Spineless

Nicole Mauro: Introduction:

Samar Abulhassan: Farah

Jules Boykoff: from The Slow Motion Underneath

Eli Queen and Jessica Bozek: correspondence

Joseph Cooper: «Memory/Incision»,
or as it is now called, «Touch Me»

Michelle Detorie: Selection from
Dusie chap «Bellum Letters»

Susana Gardner:: «EBB PORT»

Giles Goodland:Page 32 (poem 1931) line 15: insert double line space after the word ‘soup’: delete semi-colon

Jared Hayes: CaGeD

Anne Heide: An Instant of Flight

Jen Hofer: going going

Paul Klinger: Occasion in the Mosaic Distance

Carrie Hunter: Kine(sta)sis

Alana Madison: Two poems

Marci Nelligan: From «Specimen»

Kaia Sand: «tiny arctic ice»

Kathrin U. Schaeppi: «A Frog Jumps In»

Dusie Kollektiv Contributors, 2007

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