Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Secrets and Lies"/The Poetry Reading

At long last, here are the photos from the Secrets & Lies reading (Winter 2006) at John Carroll University, organized by the poets from my Advanced Creative Writing Workshop and photographed by Barbie Lewis. Thanks for your work, poets. In reverse order of their actual appearance:

Chris Kempf, America and love after 9/11

Sam Flores, Ave Atque Vale! the Filipino Catullus

Billy Miller, hang gliding into the future

Moria Torrington, talking love trouble and her brother

Anthony Tarescavage, ode-ing his navel and a relationship gone sour

Sean McClure, singing the praises of beer

Rhiannon Lathy, elegies to her mother and to Iraq

Dan O'Malley, regaling us with Irish family stories

Matt Galardo, the mistakes he's made

Barbie Lewis, talking back to Plath

Gregg Stovicek, his journey to God

Bethany Bowers, telling her mother's journey

Robert Kumazec ("The Falcon"), being Slovene and not apologizing

Brought to you by this Target shopping cart

Philip Metres, wishing you well


Christopher Kempf said...

Oh my god I'm on the internet.


Philip Metres said...

Chris, it won't be the last time.