Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jenny Holzer's "Projections"

Check out one of Holzer's "projection" poems (by Wislawa Szymborska) in action. Writing as ephemeral light sculpture. Reading poetry as art viewing.


Danny Snelson said...

i love this work, glad to see it featured here. holzer's work is phenomenal & the video link'd is great.. .

O-hi! -- we've never met but i once assembled yr flipbook a few sundays last year when i lived in brooklyn & took luxurious sunday-trips out to red hook.

anyhow, got yr post to listserv today & wanted to drop note, thinking this reviewing work you do wonderful even in this supersaturated state. happy always to cruise thru site & backlog.

keep on!

j.h c

Philip Metres said...

J. Henry,

thanks for checking in--and for your kind words...and helping with INSTANTS!--I loved how that turned out.... I find this Holzer stuff to be fascinating...