Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Winston's Atomic Bird" by Boston Spaceships

I was in at least three worlds last night: "The Winter's Tale" production at John Carroll, the post-debate ruminations, and then the Boston Spaceships show at the Grog Shop. Boston Spaceships wins. "The Winter's Tale" did provide a stark juxtaposition between tyrant-as-unmaker and artist-as-maker, and I hear that Obama showed his mettle in what many consider a draw, but Robert Pollard remains what might be termed "awful bliss." My head is reeling today, and my voice is gone, but I still feel buoyed by song--however shipwrecked my head and legs.


RazRocks said...

good song man. I liked the guitar part. The lead singer sounds like the lead singer of R.E.M.

Chaerephon said...

I was gonna say...sounds even more like Stipe-fronting-the-Who-on-a-cruise-ship-made-of-tin-foil-whilst-throwing-paper-airplanes-at-Wire than usual. Y'know, the famous "wall of Pollard" sound.

So show good? "Buzzards and Dreadful Crows?" "Big School?" Enquiring minds etc.

Philip Metres said...

I like the new band more than his solo show from two years ago, and the music is arguably another parallel GBVision, but without the history. So I recommend the show, even though I haven't heard the whole studio album. As for GBV cuts, there were only three, as the second encore, and two were Wrist classics: "Game of Pricks," "Cut Out Witch," and "Tractor Rape Chain." Also, Cheap Trick's "Are You Ready to Rock" (I think that's the title).