Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So My Dad Says to Me, "You Look Just Like the Terrorist from United 93"


RazRocks said...

people tell me I look like Muqtada Al Sadr with a beard. Heres a link:


Philip Metres said...

Congratulations, and have fun in the airport!

Actually, post 9/11, I dreaded air travel because I was hyper-sensitive to racial profiling. It seemed to dissipate a little, though I feel really sorry for Muslims whose names or dress makes them potential targets.

John, aka Jesus Crisis said...

It's funny and sad that such sad things can be funny... and vice versa (I admit I chuckled at your blog - though if I knew you'd be compared to a terrorist, even in jest, as a result of my photo, I might not have posted it publicly). Meanwhile we have old white terrorists in the White House and the powers-that-be seem to have little interest in profiling (or impeaching) them.

Philip Metres said...

J aka JC,

when can it be bad when one is compared to an actor! (answer: when he depicts terrorists).

I thought the pictures were sort of amusing, uncannily similar. He's got a nice chin dimple, though.