Friday, May 31, 2013

"Encounters" by Hedy Habra, from Tea in Heliopolis

"Encounters" by Hedy Habra, from Tea in Heliopolis

In the tower of a restored Italian cloister a bourgeois restaurant
flourishes in its loggias I meet the high dignitaries of my adventures
my djins and afrits

We're trapped in the basement of a building in Beirut with many
unknown families we'll have to cross the street at dawn
to change shelter during the next truce

In a car parked in a dark alley a hand slowly outlines my eyes
the bridge of my nose lingers at my lips and neck
everyone hears my heartbeat

Alone in my bed again crying I hit with my fists the indifferent wall

On an indefinite sheet of water surrounded by two lines of rowers
she watches the rhythmic synchronized movements
of their gigantic oar
the boat barely touches the surface 

Your smile tells me in a stairwell "You haven't changed in twenty
years you stood it all well"

it's getting harder to sit i become heavier every day i'm no longer
good for anything anymore i'd like a small drop to warm
my heart up children bring my shawl please

We walked hand in hand over brittle pine needles wild oregano
in bloom thorny umbels swarming with shiny ants

it’s impossible my house isn't for sale i'll never sell 

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