Thursday, January 20, 2011

Colman McCarthy, on Teaching Peace

Shout out to Tim Musser for sending this lecture by Colman McCarthy, whom I heard over twenty years ago at a conference on homelessness.


Joseph Ross said...

Thanks for posting this, Phil. Colman had a fine remembrance column in the Washington Post recently on the life of Sargent Shriver. McCarthy is one of a fading generation who is still kicking and agitating for nonviolence.

Philip Metres said...

Joseph, one of my recent sadnesses has been to realize that one of the post-Sixties models of framing peace theory (nonviolence v. violence) has been lost to more pragamatic, scientific, but less prophetic and charismatic formulations of social justice. McCarthy, Zinn, Berrigan, Day,--these titans of nonviolent dissent will need to be remembered, recycled, by those of us thinking into the new dilemmas (which are yet the old dilemmas) of the 21st century.