Monday, October 20, 2008

"Surrender": "A Simulated War Deployment Experience in Three Acts"

My sister is in this play, and I thought it is consonant with the work of this blog; such a production invites a lot of questions about the ethics and aesthetics of simulation (in general, and in particular, about simulating military experience and war experience)...I'll try to interview her on the specifics.

A simulated war deployment experience in three acts.

October 25th Thru Nov. 16th
Wed-Sat at 7pm Sun at 4pm
additional performance on Tuesday November 11th, (Veteran's Day) at 7pm.


99.5% of all Americans will not serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.
The divide between soldier and civilian has never been greater in American history.
This is your invitation to get some first-hand experience. Don't pass it up.

Conceived and directed by
with decorated Iraq War veteran and critically acclaimed author of Just Another Soldier
and created by
Tickets at

Here's what happens :

When you arrive at the theater we issue you a standard military uniform:

ACT 1: You train in basic combat techniques with Jason Christopher Hartley:
a crash course in rifle handling, room clearing and engaging the enemy.

ACT 2: You are deployed:
you enter a multi-room installation to put your military training to the test.

ACT 3: You fly home to experience a soldier's reintegration into society.
International WOW Company's whirlwind hallucination of homecoming directed by Josh Fox.

October 25th to November 16th, Wednesdays - Saturdays at 7pm & Sundays at 4pm.
Additional performance on Tuesday November 11th (Veteran's Day) at 7pm.

The Ohio Theater
66 Wooster St.

$20 (Oct. 25th - Nov. 1st) $25 (Nov. 2nd - 16th)
We also offer a limited number of observer seats for $5 more each night.*
*Due to the physical nature of the show, participants will be required to fill out a standard waiver holding harmless the Ohio Theater and International WOW Company owners, producers, and cast members.
Tickets at 212-868-4444

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, bro! It sure has provoked a strange combination of reactions in me -- starting from upset and dismay about "being" an occupier to "this is kind of fun and at least we are respecting international legal conventions about handling POWs" to "wow, this [crawling and firing from prone] is damn painful" to "why do I feel so sexy shooting a weapon"?