Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lather Up, People, It's Time for Your Shampoo

Shampoo issue 33 is now available.

Check it out at:
Gleefully pour out and pore over poems by Tim Yu,
Josh Wallaert, Zinovy “Zeke” Vayman, Cat Tyc, Mike
Topp, Kiely Sweatt, Paul Siegell, Ryan B. Richey, Sean
Reagan, Lanny Quarles, Mark Pawlak, Ronald Palmer,
Michelle Noteboom, Mark Navarro, Christopher
Mulrooney, Philip Metres, Hassan Melehy, Marie Larson,
Susanna Kittredge, Scott Inguito, Geof Huth, David
Highsmith, Jeff Harrison, Arpine Konyalian Grenier,
Robert Glück, Michael Farrell, Cindy Carlson, Eric Beeny,
Shane Allison and Malaika King Albrecht, along with
graphica poetica by Shane Allison, Diana Magallón and
Jeff Crouch, and neo-retro ShampooArt by Nico Wijaya.

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So It Shall Be Written said...

Thanks Phil -- I was not familiar with Shampoo (the journal) until now. It's interesting. Your Coulter reference is rattling in my mind! I'm enjoying it this morning during my pre-run psych-up! Care to elaborate on the good news? J. Ross