Saturday, April 19, 2008

Further Considerations on the Peace Video of Hamifkad

Yesterday, I posted this video, and wanted to show it to my students, just for a (fantasized)image of coexistence, but decided to check out what it was promoting. Amazingly, it turns out to be an Israeli political party/coalition of a center-right wing variety. (See

What this suggests is the way in which even right wing political parties have come to see the need to address the Israeli peoples' desire for peace--even if their answers to the conflict are military:
Israel's security requirements cannot be met simply through a political solution - we must prevail militarily: We must achieve an immediate and decisive victory. If we allow the Palestinian war of attrition to drag on, it will weaken Israel in the consciousness of its citizens, ruin its economy and stir up its Arab citizens.

The State of Israel must adhere to the following principles:
No additional political entity shall be formed between the Jordan and the sea. The bitter experience resulting from the Oslo Accords proved that any independent Palestinian entity could quickly turn into a strategic threat to the State of Israel and a risk to its citizens. The establishment of a Palestinian State between the Jordan and the sea poses a threat to the very existence of the State of Israel.

The Oslo Accords stand in direct opposition to the essence of the Jewish people's basic rights to a secure and independent existence. The Accords were systematically violated by the Palestinians; de facto they are nonexistent and have lost all validity.

The government will not recognize the Palestinian Authority and will act to dismantle it, and at the same time will destroy the terror infrastructure, its organizations and its leaders. (See

In a sense, if you don't have a Palestinian state, but you offer full rights to those within the boundaries of Greater Israel, it seems as if the party is proposing a single state solution.
What the video also promotes, at the same time, is something called "People's Voice: Middle East Peace Initiative." I could not find any link to it on the website.

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