Monday, November 26, 2007

Sidewalk Blogger's New Work/Questions of War

The Sidewalk Blogger, continuing her work bringing language into the public sphere, has added a new rhetorical direction, employing the old "Got Milk" rhetorical structure for antiwar ends.


Mr. Jones said...

the theme and creation of these signs,
the anti-war, anti-death, anti-bush,
is a pure act of heroism.

of someone who is actually "doing" something
about the horrors committed by bush and his administration.
not just sitting around complaining about it and
him, but "opening ( her ) mouth," and physically
posting her passion, beliefs, about a war that is so horrific, so wrong.

there is a lesson here for all of us.
say less, do more.

i am in awe of her strength and dedication.

Philip Metres said...

Mr. Jones, thanks for your reply. The "sidewalk blogger" in question also has my awe and admiration; it's a hell of a project, since you're taking risks and don't really see how your work is being "read"...and it can all come down so quickly. Thanks for checking in.