Friday, August 24, 2007

Michelle Detorie's "birdbox" and other hypertext poems/The Undertext of War

Michelle Detorie's intriguing deployment of hypertext for her poems--a series written during National Poetry Month 2007 called "BellumLetters"--enables her work to attain a level of simultaneity. At the risk of reading too literally, a poem such as "birdbox" is, on the one hand, a poem about a birdhouse, and, given the hypertext links, suddenly a poem about a missile... To read the hypertext versions, go here.



no arrival, only the construct

a tethered thing, a lid
to lift


wood from the sea
where birds are made
wood box

the saw

white tail
blade feather

box of knives
box of beds


thermometer for blood making

syringe, feeder

drained and piled
faceless wings

shaped to slip, flesh grip
soft and bone

glass on stone
tip red tip

knock on bone
without breath


outside, too
a life stretch
brown and moving
eye, wing stitch
the missing sound



sad neck, deflated
unfrozen and soft

homeless, three
missing home
tapered tail to tip

without flight

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