Monday, February 14, 2011

Sexy Arab Girls and Can We Let Iran Get the Bomb?: Or, What is up with google ads?

Earlier this year, as an experiment, I "monetized" the blog--meaning, I allowed ads to be placed on the site--partly to see whether I might receive a pittance for my musings.  The ads have tended toward the innocuous--self-publishing, low-rez M.F.A. programs, even a Ruby Tuesday's (because all poets and activists apparently love a chain restaurant!).  Today, after a few posts about the revolution in Egypt, the ads are "Sexy Arab Girls" (apparently, a "match-making service") and an ad for an expose about Iran's nuclear program.  Regarding the latter--this, apparently, is a fairly typical way to bury political videos on Youtube (distract them with their own girls).  And the former--what evidence is there that this blogger and his readers want to ramp up a war against Iran?

Before I pull the plug on the ads, I want to see what crazy shit Google comes up with next! 

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