Wednesday, February 9, 2011

April 6 Youth's Statement for The Egyptian Uprising...

If you haven't been gripped with excitement, awe, and fear at the revolution in Egypt, then you're missing a nation waking up from history. In the meantime, the youth, as represented by the April 6 Youth, have spoken again, to say they will not negotiate with Mubarak, and they won't leave the streets until he leaves office. Funny thing, facebook and twitter for something other than self-promotion and acting like a 12 year old...

April 6 Youth's Statement for The Egyptian Uprising...

The Egyptian youth Stood & fought against the Tyrants, and we faced their bullets with bare Chests, with all bravery and patience, so hail for the great Egyptian people who made this revolution, and so we confirm that victory is in the fall of Mubarak and his Regime .

From the 25th of January "The Egyptian Uprising" we brought down the dictator's legitimacy...Who rule Egypt now is the Valiant Egyptian people... to maintain our peaceful uprising and to continue protecting ourselves and our country against the Sabotage of the terror regime's thugs.

We will continue what we started on the 25th of January, we the Egyptian youth of who were not deceived by Mubarak's speech which aimed to absurd the Egyptian people's feelings, and underestimated their mentality as it has been used for the past 30 years, with the same fake speeches and promises, and delusional election programs which none of it came to reality.

Mubarak came to this kind of false talk, as a thought from him that the Egyptian people still can be deceived and believe his false words as he just replaced some of his thugs by others and still killing and arresting people, Mubarak lost credibilty and will never gain it again from his the Egyptian people as they know now how to fight for their rights and ready to die for it.

We wil not accept any kind of negotiatons before Mubarak departs..
We will not give up until we achieve our demands..

April 6 Youth Movement
Egyptian Resistance Movement

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