Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Let's Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War"

Let's Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War (by Edward Sanders)

Simone Weil took a train to the front
when the Civil War began in the summer of '36

She joined the ranks of an Anarchist Unit
and picked up a rifle though never fired

She suffered an injury, not from a bullet
and her parents came to her rescue

She'd been taken aback by the violence
her own side had committed

and soon published an essay
"Ne recommençons pas la guerre de Troie"

which I have slightly changed to
"Let's Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War"

especially now that the Air Force is insisting
on designing all-terrain cluster bombs
able to crawl and hop for miles
in search of a victim

Edward Sanders

New Letters
Volume 76, No. 1

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