Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poetry for Gaza benefit


Steven Gus Page said...

Hi there. I think the poetry reading in Cali for Gaza is amazing. I only wish i could attend. I think, too, all this silence about Gaza is horrifying--I have a blog and am active on facebook and though I keep posting and posting no one responds (well next to no one)--all the poets are looking away (or many).

If you know anyone on East coast interested in doing a reading for Gaza, would you let me know?

Thank you.

Cynthia Cruz (author of RUIN, etc).

Philip Metres said...

Cynthia, thanks for your comment; as soon as I hear anything I'll make sure to send out a notice. At AWP, a host of us Arab-American poets have a reading/panel, and it's sure to be one of the motifs. But there really should be something in New York and in Washington DC, at the very least. I know if you are interested in starting something that I can get you a number of poets who could be there.

ps.I just read your work in APR--really gut-wrenching stuff.

Philip Metres said...

Cynthia, I've added you to my blog roll, so I can keep track of what you've been up to. Also, if you have poems on Gaza, I'd be happy to feature or link up to here.

Steven Gus Page said...

Thank you for putting me on your blog role!--I dont have poems on Gaza. I have a poem I wrote after I returned from the West Bank in 2002, though.--

Please do keep me posted on all things. If you hear of anything in NY, let me know. I've been talking to everyone and posting on my blog and facebook--the terrible new from Gaza and no one is saying anything. The silence is deafening--I realize people may be afraid to speak up--I teach at Sarah Lawrence College, so I am afraid too (of possibly losing my job)--but some one has to say something.

Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested in doing a poetry reading to raise money for Gaza/to raise awareness, let me know.