Monday, January 26, 2009

COME TOGETHER: IMAGINE PEACE reading in Kent, Ohio, March 7, 2009

Come Together
Imagine Peace
An Open Poetry Reading
Saturday, March 7, 2009
7:00 PM
At Woodsy’s Annex
124 East Main Street, Kent, Ohio
(Next to Last Exit Books)

Bringing together poets from the new anthology, Come Together Imagine Peace, Bottom Dog Press, along with other voices from the community, centering on peace, how we might work toward it. All welcome to read, to listen, to imagine.

Poems of Peace

Come Together
Imagine Peace

Edited by Philip Metres, Ann Smith & Larry Smith
Introduction by Philip Metres
A book for all times.
Poems of Witness & Elegy, Exhortation & Action,
Reconciliation, Shared Humanity,
Wildness & Home, Ritual & Vigil, Meditation & Prayer

Precedents: Sappho, Whitman, Dickinson, Cavafy, Millay, Patchen, Rexroth, Shapiro, Lowell, Creeley, Rukeyser, Ginsberg, Levertov, Lorde, Stafford, Jordan, Amichai, Darwish
Contemporaries: Abinader, Ali, Bass, Berry, Bauer, Berrigan, Bly, Bodhrán, Bradley, Brazaitis, Bright, Bryner, Budbill, Cervine, Charara, Cording, Cone, Crooker, Daniels, di Prima, Davis, Dougherty, Ellis, Espada, Estes, Ferlinghetti, Forché, Frost, Gibson, Gundy, Gilberg, Habra, Hague, Hamill, Harter, Hassler, Haven, Heyen, Hirshfield, Hughes, Joudah, Jensen, Karmin, Kendig, Komunyakaa, Kovacik, Kryss, Krysl, LaFemina, Landis, Leslie, Lifshin, Loden, Lovin, Lucas, McCallum, McGuane, Machan, McQuaid, Meek, Metres, Miltner, Montgomery, Norman, Nye, Pankey, Pendarvis, Pinsky, Porterfield, Prevost, Ragain, Rashid, Rich, Roffman, Rosen, Ross, Rusk, Salinger, Sanders, Seltzer, Schneider, Shabtai, Shannon, Sheffield, Shipley, Shomer, Silano, Sklar, Smith, Snyder, Spahr, Sydlik, Szymborska, Trommer, Twichell, Volkmer, Waters, Weems, Wilson, Zale
Harmony Anthology Series

Reading sponsored by Bottom Dog Press and Standing Rock Cultural Arts. For more information call Maj Ragain 330-678-7473 or Jeff Ingram 330-673-4970

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