Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 21st Peace Day?!

Some peacenik I am. I didn't even know there was an International Day of Peace, designated September 21st. When John Carroll student Viriginia Rivera interviewed me about Cleveland-area commemorations, I was caught off-guard. Shouldn't every day be a "peace day"? After all, holidays like Mother's Day were originally conceived as anti-war events. There is the cartoon written by a pacifist--tweaking the popular cartoon trying to get everyone to join a war effort--"Daddy, what did you do to end the war?"


runnerfrog said...

Powerful analogous question to: "Daddy, what did you do to improve the world today?". Those daily ones should be suggested to children in school.

RazRocks said...

Good post Dr. Metres. I heard a joke on SNL last night that could relate to this. They were doing the segment "Weekly Update", and they were talking about how the network Nickelodeon was going to have 3 hours of dead air, all in hopes of making kids go outside and exercise. Shouldn't kids be exercising everyday?
P.S. If you practice everyday, I think you'll turn INTO Michael Redd!

Philip Metres said...

Thanks runnerfrog and razrocks! The less I watch T.V., the more I seem to like my life, and vice versa. Tonight, instead of burning a couple hours watching whatever, I finished a book review, wrote a poem, and did a little reading. Maybe I should pull an Elvis and just shoot the thing.