Friday, September 21, 2007

The Minutemen's "This Ain't No Picnic"/Class Rage Meets Anti-Reaganism

As I watching the video for "This Ain't No Picnic," I suddenly realized that the bomber pilot depicted strafing the band was, in fact, Ronald F. Reagan. Suddenly, a song about a shitty job and a terrible boss morphed into a protest against one of the most anti-Labor Presidents in our history, the Triple Six, Ronald Wilson Reagan. So I'm going to post the lyrics and the video (again). Shout-out to Aaron Tieger, who apparently is my soldier-brother in things D.I.Y.

"This Ain't No Picnic" by The Minutemen

Working on the edge
losing my self-respect
for a man who presides over me
the principles of his creed
punch in punch out
8 hours 5 days a week
sweat pain and agony
on Friday I'll get paid


Hey mister don't look down on me
(for what I believe in-
I got my bills and the rent)
I should go pitch a tent
but our land is not free
so I'll work my youth away
in the place of a machine


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