Thursday, December 6, 2012

Summer Literary Seminar contest 2013

I loved my experience at the Summer Literary Seminar, way back in 2002, and I keep trying to find ways of returning.  You should too.
We are excited to announce, for the first time, the addition of a translation prize to the SLS Unified Contest! In honor of the centennial of the birth of pre-eminent Yiddish poet Abraham Sutzkever , SLS Lithuania is proud to launch the Sutzkever Centennial Translation Prize, to be judged by esteemed poet and friend of SLS, Ed Hirsch.
Abraham Sutzkever is a Yiddish-language poet whose works chronicle his childhood in Siberia, his life in the Vilnius ghetto during World War II, and his escape to join the Jewish partisans. In 1915 Sutzkever and his family fled their home in eastern Europe to Siberia to escape World War I; they returned to the region in 1920 and lived near Vilna, where he later studied literary criticism at the University of Vilna. Sutzkever testified at the Nürnberg trials, and in 1947 he settled in Israel.
The winner of the Sutzkever Centennial Translation Prize will receive a full scholarship at SLS Lithuania, as well as a $500 travel stipend. The winning entry will be translated into Lithuanian, and read at a celebration in Vilnius on the centennial, on July 15, 2013. For full details, visit the our contest page.
One of the largest in North America, our contest will be held this year in affiliation with Fence Magazine and The Walrus . We are also thrilled to continue our three new partnerships, with prizes sponsored by the esteemed Graywolf Press, the Center for Fiction / The Literarian, the St. Petersburg Review. Also joining us will be the dynamic online magazines Joyland, Branch, and DIAGRAM.
Thanks to our generous friends at Fence, this year the contest entry will include a one-year subscription to Fence Magazine! Don't miss this chance to attend one of our unique programs, check out the full contest guidelines!

SLS Lithuania
Session One: July 14 - July 27, 2013 | Session Two: July 28 - August 10, 2013
Applications are now open for our extremely rich and 2013 Lithuania program! The primary faculty has been announced (below) and there are still names being added as we speak! Exciting program additions and partnerships will to be announced soon.
After the success of the 2012 program, we will continue to run it in two two-week sessions. While retaining the uniqueness of its spirit, SLS is constantly reinventing itself. Thus, in 2013, SLS Lithuania is expanding to become the 2013 SLS Lithuania/East-Central Europe program. Located in the heart of Europe, in the epicentre of the region's post-Soviet transition, and focused on the history and culture of the place as stringently as before, and offering an even greater degree of immersion in the the history and culture of this endlessly fascinating country, the program will also be bringing in some of the most interesting writers/ poets /scholars /artists from other countries, such as Russia. The list of affiliated faculty you will find below is not yet complete, but it will give you the impression of the direction of the program's development. This is going to be an exciting, richly textured, one-of-a-kind program.
Meet our Faculty:
Our esteemed faculty and guests for the program will include Molly Antopol, Laimonas Briedis, Sergei Gandlevsky, Linor Goralik, Alex Halberstadt, Mikhail Iampolski, Menachem Kaiser, Kerry Shawn Keys, Vitaly Komar, Glyn Maxwell, Andrew Miksys, Eileen Myles, Jose Manuel Prieto, Eugene Ostashevsky, Dawn Raffel, Ariana Reines, Antanas Sileika, Alexander Skidan, Debra Spark, Dalia Staponkutė, Julia Sukys, Karolis Zukauskas, and Rebecca Wolff, with more to be added!
To find out more, visit our faculty page.
We wish you the best of luck with your writing --
and we look forward to seeing you at SLS!

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