Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Congratulations, Nick Demske, on Nick Demske

Nick Demske, you are everything right with the world. Congratulations on his new book, published by Fence in 2010, the eponymous Nick Demske. I first met Nick online, when he emailed me out of the blue to talk about poems, insisted on signing all his emails "nicky poo," and then blew me away with sonnets that would make John Berryman eat his own beard, and the Flarfists wonder why he wasn't invited. There's hope for poetry when Nick Demske does the demske.

One of the featured debut poets in Poets & Writers this month, I was moved by his description of how his mother's dying had everything to do with the fracture of his forms. The body, he said, was bad form for our souls. Amen to that, brother Nick.

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