Friday, September 18, 2009

Alison Weir on Israel-Palestine Coming to Cleveland

Alison Weir on Israel-Palestine
09/21/09 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Alison Weir will present at Peace House, Monday, September 21
University Circle - 10916 Magnolia, Cleveland
6 pm - 7:30pm
Sponsored by Middle East Peace Forum and Free Gaza Coalition

Alison Weir is the founder of If Americans Knew, an organization
providing information on topics of importance that are substantially
misreported or unreported in the US media, with a primary focus on
Israel-Palestine. In particular, If Americans Knew analyzes media
coverage of this issue, and has conducted a number of statistical

Alternate Focus, which produces videos for Public Access television
stations, has produced an excellent 30-minute video about these

Alison Weir on "how I got here":

Like most Americans, I originally knew little about Israel-Palestine.
In fall 2000 I was the editor of a small weekly newspaper in
Sausalito, California. When the current Palestinian uprising began at
the end of September, I became curious about this issue and began to
follow the news reports closely. When I did that, I quickly noticed
that, journalistically, the reports were highly Israeli-centric. Since
I wanted full information I began to look for additional reports on
the Internet.

After several months of following the situation closely -- daily
learning of civilians and young people being ruthlessly killed and
injured -- and seeing that very little of this was being reported by
NPR, the San Francisco Chronicle, etc. it began to seem to me that
this was perhaps the most covered-up story I had ever seen. I finally
decided to go over the see the situation for myself. I quit my job and
traveled to the West Bank and Gaza as a freelance reporter.


Anonymous said...

Read this.

Philip Metres said...

Anonymous, (why is it always Anonymous?),

The charges of trafficking in blood libel are serious ones. People parlaying anti-Semitic ideas render themselves unreliable, obviously.

What my concern here, though, is that you, Anon, don't seem to want to discuss the implications of Weir's research, but rather smear her in an ad hominem attack.

The problem with smearing people with the label of anti-Semitism is that it does not replace rational debate between rational thinkers.